Portfolio Management Services

The Portfolio aspect of Mission Property Group is for clients who need a personal level of attention with respect to their real estate investments. Due to our ability to customize and be flexible based on customer needs, we are able to build management strategies from the ground up. Commonly in this aspect we communicate with client’s CPA’s, Attorney’s, Wealth Advisors, Board of Directors, or the clients directly depending on the level of involvement desired. This is truly the only approach for clients who have large real estate holdings or believe their investments should be handled with the utmost care and direction.

Benefits of Portfolio Management:

  • Complete Regional Coverage
  • Custom Monthly Statements (Also can be delivered to multiple people)
  • The ability for us to work directly with your financial advisors
  • Custom Solutions
  • Private Trust Accounts
  • Custom maintenance solutions (in house, your contractors, our vendors, and so on)
  • We can customize what we do, to make sure we work with your team. We can do as much, or as little as you like.

Who is Portfolio Management for?

  • Corporations, LLC’s, or Estates
  • Banks and Trustees
  • Individuals and Families
  • Investment Groups
  • Private Trusts

If you are interested in researching portfolio management solutions for your portfolio, please feel free to contact Mike Waller directly to discuss a solution for you.