Who is Mission Property Group?

Mission Property Group is a full-service real estate company in California. Our firm will redefine your expectations of a real estate experience with unmatched customer service, integrity, and a true understanding of our local and regional real estate markets.

As a firm we have a few rules of which we conduct ourselves:

  1. DELIVER – Deliver what we promise. If we promise to do something we will DELIVER.
  2. RETURN PHONE CALLS – We will always return your phone call.
  3. HONESTY & CONFIDENTIALITY – We pride ourselves on being completely honest with our clients as well as providing the most discretion possible when handling your private information. We will earn your trust. We Promise!

Mission Property Group can guide you through the process of renting out your first home, purchasing your first home, or even your first building.

Our Mission

Our goal at Mission Property is to give our owners and residents the ultimate real estate experience by providing pleasant, professional, and honest service. We will work hard to maintain our commitment, and strive to exceed expectations every step of the way.